Forklift Truck Novice Course

LOCATION: At the clients location.
DURATION: Duration depends upon other driving experience and the organisations specific requirements.
Trainees     Guideline Hours        Days
1                 22    hours approx       3
2                 30    hours approx       4
3                 37.5 hours approx       5
AIMS: To enable existing operators with no formal training to acquire the skills and knowledge for the safe operation of a lift truck, and carry out routine pre-use checks.
OBJECTIVES: HSW 1974, MHSW 1999, PUWER 1998, LOLER 1998
Operators Safety Code, A.C.O.P. L117
Forklift Stability
Pre use inspection and safety checks
Operation of controls for moving and stopping,
Correct driving in confined and open spaces, on/off ramps and      inclines
Operation of hydraulic controls
Handling laden and un-laden pallets
Vehicle loading and unloading
Stacking and de-stacking – free standing and on racking
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The course is designed for trainees who have little or no experience in the use of lift trucks and it covers the skills and knowledge required as a basis for the safe operation of a particular type of lift truck, as well as carrying out routine pre-use checks.
CLIENT BENEFITS: Certification of operators
Unsafe working practices are reduced
Possible/near miss accidents are minimised
Employees have enhanced and refreshed their skills base
Employees have the competence to carry out their tasks
ASSESSMENT: Testing – practical skills pre-use check and associated knowledge.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Where subjects cannot be covered practically then they will be either simulated or covered orally followed by an appropriate theoretical test.