Forklift Truck Conversion Course

LOCATION: At the clients location.
DURATION: 1 – 2 days with up to 3 trainees
AIMS: The course is aimed at certified accredited operators who hold a certificate of basic training in the operation of a lift truck/ trucks to ensure they can operate to a required standard, on a compatible lift truck i.e. Counterbalanced to rough terrain.
OBJECTIVES: HSW 1974, MHSW 1999, PUWER 1998, LOLER 1998
Operators Safety Code, A.C.O.P L117
Lift Truck Stability
Allows existing operators to be assessed on a different type of    truck and therefore keeping to the standard
Testing, practical, pre-check, associated knowledge
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Operators who have not used this type of lift truck
The operator will have need to use this type of truck
The operator appears to use this type of truck
Operators who holds a certificate but not on this type of truck
A change in their working practices or environment.
CLIENT BENEFITS: Unsafe working practices are reduced
Possible/near miss accidents are minimised
Employees have enhanced and renewed their skills base
Employees will be competent to carry out their tasks and duties
ASSESSMENT: Testing on practical skills and associated knowledge.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A valid certificate of basic training must be provided before training commences